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Anne Cross

Anne is a BSc qualified Nutritional Therapist, who has previously worked in the NHS as an Occupational Therapist.  Anne developed an interest in nutrition and other natural therapies when she found there were no medical solutions to her own health issues.    She is passionate about how good nutrition can help both body and mind and has had personal experience of how Nutritional Therapy can help in recovery from ME and maximising her and her partner`s fertility and giving birth to their first child age 41.

Anne enjoys working alongside other therapists to help clients maximise their chances of a successful pregnancy.  Anne has her own Nutritional Therapy practice and also enjoys writing about nutrition, giving talks and helps run student clinics for the College of Natural Medicine in Edinburgh. Anne is a member of BANT (British Association of Nutritional Therapists).

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“I sought Ann's help for nutritional advice to help me conceive my second child.  I have had two miscarriages after my first child.  Anne gave me an eating plan and supplements to help detox and support me nutritionally to prepare my body to conceive.  Two months later I conceived and I am due my baby in two months time.  Anne also suggested a dietary programme and supplements to help support me and my growing baby whilst I have been pregnant.  Anne is passionate in her nutrition work and this comes across in her consultations.”



"After implementing dietary changes and taking some supplements Anne recommended, I would say that I have never felt so good in myself for a long time.  Any colds I get will now vanish in days, I have lost weight and my bloating and fluid retention has greatly reduced.  As an added bonus I am now pregnant with my first child, after many months of trying to conceive.   I am very glad I contacted Anne when I saw her advertisement."   H C