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Juliet Le Page

Juliet is a qualified and experienced fertility awareness practitioner and consultant using the Billings Ovulation Method (BOM) and, more recently, the sympto-thermal method with the national body www.fertilityuk.org.   An ex-chartered physiotherapist who previously worked in obstetrics and gynaecology in Edinburgh she still has many links with the medical profession and other health professionals working with fertility problems and keeps abreast of the latest developments in this field.

She is passionate about providing the best possible fertility health checks guiding individuals and couples through the minefield of natural fertility conception and assisted reproductive technology.

She is a mother to two young children both conceived through egg donation, is regularly interviewed for newspapers and magazines on matters concerning both natural and assisted conception and has appeared on national and local radio as well as BBC News 24 and STV's 'The Hour'.

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"Juliet offered professional and friendly advice in a safe and supportive environment. That advice helped us to focus on our options as a couple, address any changes we needed to make in our lifestyle, and access any additional support required. Once we had successfully conceived, Juliet continued to make helpful suggestions which helped me stay healthy and positive throughout my pregnancy. We are due our first baby in a few weeks after an 8 year wait." J S



"Juliet is a relaxed and reassuring guide to all the -sometimes bewildering- options open to couples trying to conceive. She has a wealth of experience, which combined with her firsthand knowledge of allied practitioners (acupuncture, nutrition etc) is a great help in pointing you in the right direction. Her calm and professional manner is a great comfort. She is a very human presence when it can all feel just too high tech."  R B