fertility focus are thrilled to be one of only two clinics in Scotland offering the SpermComet® test. This is a very specialised test, developed by Lewis Fertility Testing in Belfast, which looks at the DNA in sperm to assess if there is any damage. You and your partner are each going to give some of your DNA to your baby. This is what makes babies look and act like their parents.
One of the reasons for increasing infertility around Europe, is that research shows sperm quality has deteriorated. There are many reasons for this, such as smoking, poor diet and environmental pollutants. All of these can damage the DNA of your sperm which can lead to fewer eggs being fertilized, embryos not developing as well as they should, recurrent miscarriage and lower pregnancy rates.
Even if you (or your partner) have had a standard semen analysis, research shows that there is little correlation between a traditional semen analysis result and the amount of DNA damage in your sperm. So even if your sperm counts are normal, you may have DNA damage in your sperm and you may not be able to get your partner pregnant. Sperm DNA testing can guide diagnosis for the man and give more information for your treatment choice ie whether you are likely to conceive naturally, or whether you would be better to go for IVF, ICSI or sperm donation. It would be equally important to have this test done if having fertility treatment with donor eggs.
Georgie McCulloch is running SpermComet® test clinics once a month at Central Studio in Edinburgh. Please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you would like further information.