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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Research has shown that acupuncture, usually combined with Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, can greatly increase fertility whether through natural conception or assisted by IVF and can improve the success rate of IVF by up to 60%.  This is well borne out by the work done in Ming’s busy clinic in Leith.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and IVF

A carefully structured programme of treatment optimises the chances of success. Clients are encouraged to prepare well for a possible pregnancy. Ideally this preparation should begin 3 months before the proposed IVF, although even 1 month can be beneficial. Weekly acupuncture sessions combined with Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines can help to bring the body into an optimal condition for pregnancy.

Treatment is aimed at adjusting the menstrual cycle to improve regularity, stimulating ovulation, boosting not only circulation but increasing energy levels and adjusting the hormonal levels to put the body into a more balanced state. Another important element of the treatment is to reduce stress; this is often an important element within difficulties in conceiving.

During this preparatory period it can be useful to offer treatment to the male partner as well.

After the client starts to take the drugs prescribed by the IVF clinic, acupuncture continues on a weekly basis optimising the condition of the womb in preparation for hosting the embryo and helping to minimise the side effects of the drugs. Acupuncture is also given before and after the actual implantation. Once pregnancy has been confirmed, treatments continue, helping to maintain the desired hormonal balance as well as relieving symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness and fatigue. Throughout the treatment, advice is offered on nutrition, lifestyle etc.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Conception

TCM is also very effective in increasing the rates of natural conception for those couples that are not undergoing IVF. Indeed, many of Ming’s clients have fallen pregnant whilst awaiting their IVF appointment! Diagnosis plays a strong part here, as it is important to establish, wherever possible, the cause of infertility. Often the effect of the treatment in important areas such as stress reduction or improved hormonal balance can result in a successful pregnancy. There may also be other factors such as underlying medical conditions, which will respond well to acupuncture, thus increasing the chances of conception.

How Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Works

In Traditional Chinese Medicine a very particular diagnostic method is used which involves looking at the tongue, the taking of pulses and various health questions.  All of these lead to a Chinese diagnosis and usually four conditions are to be found:

1-     Yin and Yang disharmony (means imbalance)

2-     Qi and blood deficiency (liver and kidney Yin deficiency)

3-     Stagnate liver Qi and blood stasis (endometriosis, ovary cysts, mood swing, depression)

4-     Kidney Yang deficiency (cold uterus)

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