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Fertility Coaching And How It Works

Juliet is dedicated to providing a comprehensive, holistic consultation and advice service in connection with all aspects of fertility.  The focus is on: problems conceiving, increasing chances of conception, pre-conception health, ‘wellness’ levels, fertility problem solving, checking the male and female reproductive systems are in balance, coaching on maintaining a healthy pregnancy and advice and support on IVF and egg or sperm donor treatments.

First steps

The first step is a consultation with Juliet to discuss your needs and put together a personalised action plan for you and, if appropriate, your partner.  She will also help you know when you are fertile by teaching you a simple fertility awareness method or help you know more about your body’s fertility, what you can do to improve your chances of success, look at reasons why you might be having problems conceiving or perhaps there is already a child but you are having difficulty getting pregnant again. 

Assessing fertility levels

Juliet describes her work as being like a detective; sifting through all the information and evidence to work out what is really the problem or problems and then formulating a programme to take account of these possible factors and to support you throughout any changes that you may make to help achieve your goal.

Important factors affecting fertility

Many factors play a part in a successful, healthy pregnancy whether natural or assisted.  Likewise the inability to conceive can be complex.  Juliet may advise you to have help for any specific problems and works closely with Angie, Ming and Anne by referring you, for example, for nutritional assessment, counselling, acupuncture and chinese herbs. Studies have shown that those individuals or couples who are more willing to make the required changes have a far greater chance of success then those who did not.

Get planning now

Juliet recommends that anyone seeing her comes at least three months before they try to conceive again or before the assisted reproductive cycle is due to start. Why? Because when you follow the personalised action plan your fertility levels will begin to increase and everything needs to be working at optimal level before you conceive. This is both to prevent miscarriage and to give you the best possible chance of having a healthy baby.

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