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How We Can Help

At Fertility Focus we like to spend our first contact with you, whether by telephone or e-mail, learning a little about your own fertility story. We offer:

  • Individual fertility programmes
  • Whole person or couple approach
  • Working with all medical conditions that can affect fertility in women and men
  • Expertise in Pre-conception, natural or assisted reproductive techniques
  • Regular contact
  • Up-to-date knowledge of medical and complementary interventions
  • Team meetings to discuss and monitor progress of our clients
  • Liaising with other healthcare practitioners including private/NHS clinical staff
  • Extensive experience combined with compassion and understanding
  • Pregnancy support and post-natal training
  • Own personal experiences and journeys
  • No charge until first full appointment
  • Stopping unnecessary costs from treatments you don’t need

We like to hear from you as soon as you start to think about babies and planning a family even if you are not experiencing any difficulties achieving and sustaining a pregnancy at this point. 

If you are having or are about to have fertility treatments then we are here to work out a programme that is completely individual to your circumstances and which will help maximise your chances for the baby you’ve longed for. 

We have years of expertise between us and, through our own personal fertility journeys, can help you make that unexpected step towards parenthood.

Our fees vary depending on your individual requirements and support.  Prices start from £45 and we offer a sliding scale.


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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine       Nutritional Therapy