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"My wife and I had been trying to conceive naturally for two and a half years and following some disappointing fertility test results were resigned to the fact that IVF was our only realistic option for conception. We were feeling quite downbeat and not relishing the prospect of IVF.

We heard about a group called Fertility Focus which was recommended as a way to maximise our chances of conceiving regardless of whether we decided to have IVF or not. They are a great bunch of people who tackle the challenge from every possible ‘alternative’ angle including counselling (a sense of calm and perspective followed which is apparently very important for fertility levels), the ‘Billings’ method of fertility monitoring (which enabled us to know when was the most fertile period much more accurately than the traditional tests), nutrition advice and supplements (they took a hair sample and found lots of things we could do to improve our health) and acupuncture.

Aside from all the direct benefits from all of these improvements we found our motivation and confidence levels bolstered as we felt that we had some control once again over the whole process. To our amazement we were blessed with a pregnancy 6 months later and are currently eagerly awaiting our new arrival. I would recommend Fertility Focus to anyone who is having problems conceiving whether they are considering IVF treatment or not. They are a lovely group of people who can really make a difference."  K S



"Fertility Focus provide a much needed support system.  Having received unsympathetic treatment from consultants and GPs it was a breath of fresh air to receive some understanding & compassion from people who know first hand how heart breaking infertility can be and who themselves have experienced the pain & heartache of miscarriage and loss. 

Although infertility and miscarriage are more common than people realise, it can still be a taboo subject and it's a huge relief to be able to talk openly about it with people who understand.  I have always felt able to contact them at any time for advice, guidance or just a sympathetic shoulder to cry on."  E N